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pot smoking, baggy clothed scum who pollute the streets with grafitty because theyve got nothing better to do. They are a curse on humanitiy and should be purged ASAP
Fukin skaters

All skaters deserve to die!
by anonymous1923 August 25, 2006
a person who rides on a board with four wheels stuck to it somehow, do stuff like run over old ladies and break there balls on a rail, most of them are little 5 year olds who cant skate for shit and piss me off.
a cool skater is as rare as a gangsta that can shoot straight
by phil mcrack June 09, 2003
alll u poser mother fucks are gay and need to give me sandos now
by Anonymous March 06, 2003
Skaters are total weirdoes!!!
They wear shity clothing and they all need a good slap!!
Some of em ave bits of metal sticking out of their faces such as there lips and nose and it looks crap!!!
and get this i no a skater hu has his belly-button pierced and im sorry but that really isnt right. i swear he must be gay or sumint cuz he looks like a total pussy!!
And whats with skating in the streets, now that really pisses me off!!! why cant they all fuck off to a skate park(no offence to the skaters who already use the skate park)!!!
lets face it most girls including myself prefer to ave a guy that wears a nice pair of jeans that are tight round his ass and a shirt with the collar popped. None of this shit that skaters wear.
So to round off, i think that skaters need to sort themselves out!!!
Skater: Hiya Babe
Pretty girl: Fuck off you ugly skater scum!!!
by Britany September 29, 2004
Skaters are also known as either
"emos" or
There normal people but there labeled as complete twats.
All they mostley do is skate. Then they get bored of skating and go BmX or summt.
Two skaters sittn on the ramps:
Skater 1: "Dude wheres ma skateboard"
Skater 2: "Dude ..........ur on it."
by jess-blah March 28, 2007
A type of person who thinks they are hard but are not and all they do is skate. A type of chav and should listen to good music e.g.murderdolls, slipknot, pearl jam, cradle of filth or nirvana. Often wear hats and baggy BLUE jeans.
Bunch of skaters talking: Skater 1 " What do you wanna do today skater" Skater 2 "skate"
by Paddi April 10, 2006