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a skater is a person who rides his board no matter what,some 1 who is his self cause he disides to keep skating over all ods a skater listens to what the fuck he wants a skater will change its style in a second and still be real a skate knows who his really friends are a skater is more than that kid that gets dirty and hurt beeing a skater is something your ment to be beeing a skater is A DIFFERENT STATE OF MIND.....ride the wind
me and my homs who reaaally skate for the love
by saulo lopez February 02, 2005
18 17
Slang for 1/8 ounce of weed AKA an eigth.
OG: Yo - What you need a zip of the kush?

Pothead: Naw bro, funds are short. Let me get that skater.
by bhenchodan March 18, 2014
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Unlike these dated definitions of skaters, they do NOT wear baggy jeans or are druggies neccessarily!
If you are a high school skater boy, you wear skinny jeans but guy skinny jeans, not like too-tight or anything. Skaters usually wear T-shirts and hoodies along with the skinny jeans and converse shoes. They have swoopy, shaggy, hair that isn't really like Justin Biebers but is still pretty long-ish. They are usually HOT, but not always.

Skater girls are cool as well, they also wear skinny jeans, usually the belts with those spikey-things, and Tshirts/hoodies with their converse.
Skaters in general are super-cool and will always be EITHER laid-back or just really funny.
Basically, they can be whoever they wanna be, they just dress the same and love skateboarding.
If you are a girl like me, you fall head over heels for the skater boys.
They love skateboarding...
uh yeah.
Girl: Hey!
Skater: what up?
Girl: *melt*

Skater 1: Wanna go to the skate park today?
Skater 2: Sure dude, lemme grab my hoodie and skateboard and meet ya there.
by Smiley_face_1996 February 25, 2011
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a person who skates. there shouldn't have to be anything else associated with it. you also dont have to wear skin tight jeans with $80 emericas and have long hair to skate. there are just dumb fucked up stereotypes for the dumbass people who think they're all hardcore because they have stuff like this.

I skate with my American Eagle jeans and my Dustin Dollin no skool vans (sick shoes, by the way), and i am still better than those guys.
guy with tight pants: like duuuuuuuuuude your such a gay poser with those preppy jeans and vans tryin to look all kewl and hardcore like us
me: like duuuuuuuuude im way better than you on a board and you know it. besides not everyone has to wear girl pants and emerica shoes to be a skater
guy with tight pants: aw fuck he's right. he IS way better than us on a board and we DO look pretty gay with our skin-tight jeans.
by homeeeG February 29, 2008
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A sarcastic term used to describe girs who go to the skatepark (sometimes even without boards) just to hit on the guys there. These girls may also wear shirts promoting skateboarding brands, but it's done to get attention.
Look at those skaters, they do know you need a board to skate right?
by ally jean February 13, 2008
4 4
A person who loves to skateboard. They also hate bros.
Bro: Fuckin skater
Skater: Go put on another pair of dickies and go listen to your gay ass KMK
by bro-hater February 08, 2008
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someone who rides a skate board hense SKATE-r
he can ride a skate board hes a skater
by dickheadfuckingdicktard December 16, 2007
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