One who rides a skateboard. Amount of skill is arguable, although generally being able rough out a 90 turn qualifies you. Being a skater has nothing to do with fashion, taste in music, sexual preference, manner of speaking or any of that. If you skate, you're a skater. If you dress skate, but can't, you're a poser. If you don't dress skate and don't skate, hell, you might just be normal.
Wow, check out that hot skater! Why is he wearing Adidas?
by El Gordo December 06, 2004
A skater is a person just like me and you. Skating is more than a sport, it's a passion and a way of life for some of us. I've been skating for about 8 years, and have only come across 2 "assholes." The stereotypes these days are out of control.

Skaters generally listen to all kind of rock. We enjoy doing what we do.
We enjoy:
Running from the cops
Getting kicked out of public places
Busting our balls to do a trick
Skating til the sun goes down
Chilling with friends

Skaters have real friends. People who will stick by them through thick and thin, not just people that they go out and party with. There's a few of us, but we're a close group.
The skater logo..."Skate till I die."
by Skat3Till I Die November 14, 2007
skateboarder, individuals
Townie: Your all gay and im gonna punch u all
Skater: Your hats crucked and your socks are to long so tuck em in!
by eggy April 20, 2004
A skater is somebody who skates. You have the skaters who do it for fun, skaters who just want credit and say they skate, and you have skaters who mess everything up. Cops used to let kids skate anywhere until you had those kids who would argue with them and fight back. I love to skate stairs and rails but I can't anymore because some skaters messed everything up. Skaters dress how they want but people stereotype skaters way to much. People who say they skate should just give it up because real skaters are just gonna ask you to skate with them one day and you're gonna suck.
skater- do you skate?
poser- yea
skater- lets skate tomorrow at carmel
poser- ok
skater- ok do an ollie
poser- ok
skater- you said you could skate
poser- i'm to tired today.
skater- ok whatever you say.
by Aaron Severance January 05, 2008
a person that simply likes to skate and doesnt care about anything else, what people think of him or what goes on. a real skater could care less about his appearence, all he needs is his skate board and a nice skate spot. so forget the stupid shopping for skate clothes just to look like a skater, because thats going to come off as a poser. a real skater only needs his skateboard and doesnt worry about being one.
i was going over at my friends house because hes a skater and has a nice rail.
by stup1dcr4cker January 02, 2008
a real person that loves skate-boarding and lives for it.they actually grow up doing what they want and arent posers that wear the clothes and say they can skateboard when they dont even know what trucks are or what spitfire is.
people stero-type way too much and say oh,a skater is someone with greasy hair and fucked up clothes..wrong.

the person likes to be original and does not give a fuck what the world thinks.

they are usually hilarious with an exellent sense of humor and love to make people laugh with trying crazy,narley things,stunts,and tricks.

people who say sk8r are indeed,fucking lame.

skateboarding is about being free,not giving up,feeling the wind on your face,not giving a fuck about anything else in the world,that burst of adrenaline that hits you everytime you get on a skateboard.

anyone who never has skateboarded has no clue of how great it feels to be free basically.

so think again,next time you stero-type or call yourself a real skateboarder.
skater poser:yeah,i did a kickflip today.. what kind of trucks do you have?


me: (just shakes head walks away.)
by xomeghanxo February 17, 2007
One who skateboards. Does not only apply to punks and people who dress "skater", for instance a lot of gangstas skate too.

Skaters skate for the fun of it, not cause someone tells them too, not cause it's cool, not to look good, not to get the girls (ok sometimes to get the girls, but not as a main purpose).
Person 1: Look at that skater
Person 2: He's not a real skater, he's wearing a hawk shirt.
Person 3 (gangsta): jeah dem posuhs iz ghey. Me n' ma boyz wuz poppin dem bigspins and bombin dem trains G
by branqon June 28, 2006
One of two things:

1. Someone who skates for leisure, because he or she enjoys to skate.

2. Someone who skates for the purpose of being a "punk" or fitting in with some other group or label.
"Hey, that guy's having some fun skaing. He must be a good skater."

"That stupid kid thinks he's so cool just because he's a skater."
by Cam Krout October 21, 2004
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