the only type of boy worth knowing, townie boys are horrible! and think they are it!!.. oh... and they have cool long hair, lol
look @ that skater... buff!
by loodie November 06, 2004
Someone who cheats, takes shortcuts, or "skates" their way through something. Typically used in the greek college community.
That girl did not work hard for her letters, she is a skater!
by LittleMissy January 26, 2013
Really chills guys who are happy to teach new tricks to beginners (unlike fat freestyle bmxers) and are really nice dudes. They don't skate to get chicks or friends but for the right reasons.
guy: Wow! that guy is awesome and really chills and rides a skateboard... A TRUE skater
by skater platypus September 23, 2011
a person who skates

people always thinks that skaters are all faggs and are stupid and smoke weed.

sometimes thats true, but usually its not!
only about 1/4 of the people who skateboard are true skaters... the posers are the ones who SAY they can skate, but cant.

A true skater skates because he ENJOYS it. not because its the "cool" or "rad" hehe

also, they usually dont like BMXers...
cuz ANYBODY CAN RIDE A BIKE! only a select few can even get on a skateboard, let alone even ollie!
EX. 1
skater 1: wanna go the skate park today?

skater 2: sure

poser: i can skate too!!!1!!!1!!11!

bothe skaters: shut up fag

EX. 2
skater 1: dude i found this sick rail yesterday at <insert skate spot her> wanna go tomorrow?

skater 2: SICk dude Yeah!

BMXer 1: dude i found a lump of dirt yesterday!

BMXer 2: OH MY GOODNESS AMAZING i love dirt wanna go mess with some skaters?

BMXer 1: sure cuz imma fag!
by Shummz February 19, 2009
A skater is either a skate boarder, a BMX rider or a blader. Contrary to common belief they are just as hard as each other, they are just hard in different ways. There are 3 types of skatepark that I know of vert, street and park. Vert is halfpipes and vertical drops, some in-vert and roll-ins. Street is rails and stairs etc,. Park is ramps, mini-ramps, spines, boxes, fun-boxes etc,etc.

I am aware of the skaters (name and class undefined)who hang around the skate park with their slut-goth girls and smoke, drink and swear at passer-by's. Rarely are any of these fags any good.

Real skaters are friendly people, who go to work and don't do drugs normally. They don't beat up beginners or terrorize people. Some people watch TV for entrainment, we skate, same same is the way i look at it.
Me: Lets go skating on Saturday.
Shaun: I'll come at 10;30, is that alright.
Me: Yes.

Now this is how it doesn't happen:

Fag 1: Lets "skate" on Saturday.
Fag 2: K, i will bring some girls so we can impress them because we are pro skaters.
Fag 1: K let's go at 11.

Later Fag 1 and Fag 2 turn up at the skate park and Me and Shaun are already there. They are such fail that their girls ignore them. LOL they fail.
by th3undead February 05, 2009
the now commercialized term used to describe a guy that has long hair and wears an entire wardrobe usually from pacsun or a ccs catalog. It no longer is someone who skateboards, but has become a term that describes someones style. "skater" is a fashion.
girl 1: did you see that cutie in pacsun?
girl 2: yeah he was so skater
girl 1: his hair was so skater jeethus chritht
by seanyshishkabob May 01, 2008
an example of a skater is somone who enjoys skateboarding even if there no good. the person in question does not have to wear vans or baggy trousers, it can be anyone who owns a board unless of course they just stand with it in one hand and do nothing these people are genrally posers, people who like skateboarding genrally or just like the thrill of going down a ramp are skaters.
i am a skater not a very good one but i enjoy it and i carnt w8 for school to end so i can just go out a skate THIS IS THE LIFE.
by johnZOMBIE February 27, 2008
A skater is someone who rides a skateboard. A skater is not some jackass who wears skinny jeans and Volcom shirts. A skater is a person who does not care if you skate or not. A skater is not an asshole that calls everyone but themselves and their so called "skater friends" "posers". A skater listens to whatever music they feel like. A skater does not listen to Alexisonfire just because every other "skater" does. A skater is generally a laid back and kind person. A skater is not an asshole who has self esteem issues.
Moral of the story is, just because you wear Lakai shoes, skinny jeans, and Volcom shirts, does not automatically mean you are a "skater". More likely than not, you are a bigger "poser" than the people you call "posers".
by Butt Sex United December 13, 2007
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