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the only type of boy worth knowing, townie boys are horrible! and think they are it!!.. oh... and they have cool long hair, lol
look @ that skater... buff!
by loodie November 06, 2004
A person who dies their hair black and listens to punk music. They skate around small buildings and usually wreck because they can't see through their hair over their eyes.
"Man i wish i could hang out at grocery stores and smoke pot and skate like them"
by Bill Brasky March 03, 2005
a person who generally tends to skateboard not "fruitboot". a lot of skaters cannot skate worth shit. i am a goth, and can skate board better then most of my skater friends..
skaters tend to be poseurs.
by anti-god August 08, 2003
plankpushers that do nuffin but get in the fuckin way fuck skaters fuck skating bmx fucking rules.
a dick that skates!!!
by bmxer April 10, 2005
A fag, has no respet for any sport except skating, loves the cock, and loves with a cop!!!
ME: dude, that skater is obviously a poof!
JESSE: yeh, I can't believe i used to skate!!!
by Jimmy smith March 12, 2005
Somebody who skates, most typically on skateboards. They most likely get stoned all the time and know every single name for Cannabis there is. Not likely to be the smartest one, but always funny. Usually sits in their driveway smoking cigs, listening to CKY, saying fuck after every single syllable, and skating their asses away because they're so sick of waiting to get some weed.
The gang came home and started to take out their boards and to light another cig. They must be skaters.
by SkAE-TuRz September 24, 2003
Skater: A person who is extremely judgemetal, dickwad
Someone who thinksm "hey that guys wearing skater shoes what a poser"
Hey that skater is a judgemental whore, who likes calling people posers.
by Chris November 14, 2004
Aka Grungers, Greebos.

See "Greebo".
I'm a skater.
by Da Beast March 24, 2003