A skaters is someone who skates either on street or ina park. theyre are anooying

Skaters are hated by 99 % of the worlds population. They think there cool. Half of them cant ollie. They were caps and skinny jeans. Most skaters like to make fun of people and get their white ass kicked.Skaters are 75% white
Skater: Hey look, its a 12 year old we can make fun of
Hey youre a fag you 12 year old who cant fight us back because were not worth it!

12 year old: Ima busta cap up yo ass cracka, get off my turf!

by catch-u-on-the-rebound-homey December 13, 2010
fun loving people who love what they do, just like anyone else that enjoys playing football, smoking, playing musical instruments. most skaters don't pass on judgements on people that are different. exept for townies (see definition on this website) sk8er haters) they started it.
townie: oi skater boy, give me ya money or i'll nok u out boi.
SK8er: fuck off.
by tom whiteman September 08, 2003
Someone who skateboards or rollerblades....and not little pussy bitches who say they can skate but cant.....even if they just started skatin and arent good its ok b/c they keep the sport alive!!!and if u say a skater sux fuck u...it is pointless to fight over this.....if u love to do it its wut is in your heart that helps u...and skating isnt only a punk thing to do....any one person can do it it no matter wut race or gender...and i have seen girls that can skate better than most guys...so fight about skatin dumbasses.
A skater isnt only punk, a skater is sumone one who skates and loves it!!
by NACHOsk8r August 29, 2003
A person who skates because that's what they love to do. A skater is:
1) A friendly person
2) Relatively well educated
3) Someone who skates because they enjoy it
4) Someone who finds it hard to get a girlfriend :-)
5)Someone who is individual and does their own thing

A skater is not:
1) A druggie
2) Someone who holds a board to look 'cool'
3) Someone who has a certain style of clothing/music/interests because they feel they must
5) Threatening
6) Violent
7) Abusive
8) Follows a stereotype
Person: Damn skaters, haven't they anything better to do than tearing up our roads and pavements?
Skater: It's better than hanging around street corners, graffiting walls, taking drugs and yelling abuse at people
Chav: Oi! Whatchoo implyin'
Skater: That you are the scum of the earth that I described
by pengy December 08, 2004
A Skater is somebody who rides a skateboard for a hobby. They dont have to be good to be a skater, they just have to skate. Skaters should be their own individual self and not like many poeple that just carry their boards and wear slipknot hoodies and burny 2 liners etc just to fit in and get this "skater image".
Dont you understand with out an example?
by Sam October 20, 2004
A skater: ANYONE who skateboards. Many people believe that skaters are destructive, and a general hazard to society. They seem to think that every skater also wears tight pants, smokes, has weed on them at all times, and is also out to destroy everything they see. Although many people think this way, it's simply not true.

A skater, like I said, is anyone who rides along on a piece of wood attached to wheels. They don't have to fit into any requirements to be a skater, they should just have fun when they do it. They don't have to only own band shirts, or have bangs hanging over one eye, or shop at hollister, or dye their hair black, blue and red, or mosh at every concert they go to, but by all means, they CAN. They can do all of that and still skate, yes, without risking the chance of getting shot by those ever-voilent skaters (I was kidding about that part, incase you didn't catch that). That's one of the many things that's so great about skating.

There are a ton of reasons to skate. Oddly enough, none of them threaten the downfall of the economy.

People don't skate so they can wear tight pants and Emerica shirts. They don't skate to do drugs. They don't skate for the attention. They don't skate so they can tag every inch of cement there is. They don't skate because they want to be stereotyped these things, either. (Oh, and if you do skate so you can get labeled or because you think you'll earn brownie points with your friends, PLEASE, for the sake of humanity, fall off a cliff.)
Way back when I was in middle school, I just began to learn to skateboard. I loved it because it was so fun, and was a much better hobby than starring at a computer screen all day (Needless to say, my former hobby). I wanted to go to the public school in my area, but my friend's mom told my parents that if I did, BECAUSE I SKATEBOARD, I would get in to the 'wrong crowd' and become a pot head, crap like that...

people who stereotype skaters need to die. 'Nuff said.
by Liv Hull November 27, 2006
"skater" or "skateboarder"

A person who is foot mounted on a board of some type with zero-four wheels. Usually without any motor. (Manually propelled vehicle.) Skateboarders usually do not have a single fashion, and their clothing style is borrowed from other sub-cultures. (i.e. Punk-Skaters, Prep-Skaters, Homie-Skaters, etc.) Skateboarding has been derived from the "surfer", "stoner," "metal-head" and "punk" sub-cultures. (Actually, Skateboarding was born through the surfing sub-culture. When the surfers couldn't surf, they created the first skateboards which consisted of a couple 2x4's nailed together, a milk crate and some clay wheels. Later the milk crate was removed, the 2x4's were replaced by maple wood glued together in "plys" and the wheels were improved. The original term for skateboarding was "sidewalk surfing.") Sadly some ignorant people still affiliate skaters with stoners. (This is mostly because skateboarding is viewed as a counter-culture by Society.) Skaters are typically athletic and usually do not use drugs.
The term is actually difficult to define due to the fact of the large diversity in the sub-culture. Basically anybody who uses any type of skateboard for any reason. (yes posers exist, but they exist for every sub-culture, I'm sure that there are "Thug" posers also.) Skateboarders do not listen to one specific type of music. No strict fashion exists except for the people who try to look dedicated/sponsered, or are actually sponsered by wearing name-brand skateboarding clothing (such as a company's t-shirt, hat, or shoes.) Any person can be a skater: african, asian, european, mexican, female, male, elderly, youngsters, poor, rich, etc.

Skateboarders are people who participate in a sport/art, not a fashion trend.
To find some skaters: grab a skateboarding magazine, or a skateboarding movie, or hell, even go to your local skatepark or skateshop. You will quickly gather how diverse this sub-culture is, and hopefully create your own opionion/definition of them.
by Steven Hanaway June 26, 2006
someone who skateboards. they skate cos they like it and not to look cool or earn credit. those are the so called posers. most skaters have their own style, all though they may sometimes be seperated into groups, like hip hop, punk, or goth, hippies etc. skaters dedicate their life to skateboarding and they find life as a way of having fun.

i skate cos i used to be an emo, which i dont wanna be. now that i skate i feel that i have started a new life. i dont care for girls, love or romance, or some other shit which makes u sad all the time. i now find that in life i want to entertain myself instaed of ruining it.
skaters like to skate
by kenneththecoolguywithahat July 13, 2006

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