1. A really cute guy that usually hangs out at a skate park and skateboarding (go figure)

2. A hot guy who usually has long hair, wears skinny jeans, Vans, hoodies, etc.

3. Someone who is "real" and not self-conscious, tells it like it is. You can't fake that type of kick-ass personality. (Well, you can, but it's much too obvious)

4. Someone with a kick-ass smile and gorgeous eyes, but turns around and breaks your heart
"Skater" is a synonym for "heartbreaker"
by ThisBrokenCitySky January 11, 2009
gay people who are stupid and wear tight pants for example:jorge, evan, and other gay people at TMS
girl:hey why is that guy wearing girl pants?
guy:whatta fag imma beat the hell out of him
girl:those are cute pants tho, but skaters arent aloud to use them
by kymy November 25, 2005
People who fuck up community parks then wonder why the mayor hates them.
"You guys wanna go skate and be cool?"
by mmmmmmm April 13, 2005
Skater's of the 2000's are basically just a bunch of fucking queers. They loiter around playing hacky sack, and when in high school, basically just loiter and smoke weed. They call everyone else who even wears skate clothes posers, and usually fail in school. They're jealouss of jocks and skate so they can claim that they actually play sports
heh heh, You jocks suck! you might play sports and get girls that aren't goths, but skateboarding is way harder and more useful in the real world then that scholarship u got for sports, you poser!
by skaters suck July 11, 2005
usually a spotty, posh kid that thinks he's being really rebellious wearing baggy jeans and hooded tops.
by Anonymous September 10, 2003
A person who is non-productive, that takes advantage of a situation and does the least work possible; taking the easy way out.
Damn, those ODPhi's are skaters!
by Horacio Avelar May 07, 2006
An assclown with no life.

see also: fucktard
skater 1: Grr, let's chase after them on our skateboards!
skater 2: YEAH!
pirate: (throws down a handful of pebbles)
skater 1: Grr, we are foiled again!
pirate: HAHAHAHAHA! (has sex with his foxy pirate woman)
by Jack Gatts November 03, 2005
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