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A girl that hangs with all the skater guys, wears skinny jeans and whatever shirt she wants, usually with a pair of classic vans. May not necessarily be a "slut" but since she is always with a bunch of skater guys, she's called one. She's like the skater's equivalent of a bro's "bro hoe". She will usually have very few female friends and claim its because they start too much drama so she hangs with the guys. She will usually like alternative rock, acoustic rock, metal core/screamo, and basically whatever else her skater boys are listening to. She will always be with a skater boy or another skater slut. They all usually have the same hair cut, side bangs, medium length, barely layered, and perfectly straight. She's probably very flirtatious with you if you are carrying a skateboard or look like a skater.
preppy chick: whats the deal with alli? she's always with all the skaters.

other preppy chick: OMG I KNOW RIGHTTTT!! she is suchhhhh a skater slut.

preppy chick: uhhh yahhhh totally. like omg.
by kerlitim October 19, 2009
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