sum one that cunt skate fo thurr life n where the shirts n shoes even tho they never been on a board in thurr l9ife
avirl lavingen
by sandman June 30, 2003
Top Definition
Wannabe male skater, term widely used by "townies", "trendies" and all form of wannabe punks/posers. Made popular by the Devil (a.k.a. Avril Lavigne) and subversively imposing the idea that there is some sort of difference between a male and female skater (or skater wannabe as the case may be).
"Oh my god, Jack's a sk8er boi."
"Yeah, cause he sure as hell ain't a skater."
"Wanna listen to Avril?"
by Suppressed April 23, 2003
Skater Boy is a male who skateboards.
Skater "Boi" is a male who is a wannabe skater. Made popular by Avril who is a wannabe "punk rocker".
Woah....i told that kid to do a trick on his board and all he did was go down the street in a straight line...what a gayass skater boi.
by CiCi S. April 04, 2003
D'uh!A skater boi is a lesbian skater! Ckeck out the definition for word boi!
by monty burns nose May 29, 2003
A young lesbian who is into skateboards.
see word 'boi'
This means Avril Lavigne is singing about girls!
by dyke_u_like May 29, 2003
A skater boi is a guy who sais he can skate but can't really at all. OR a guy who dresses in skater fasion and listens to gay-as-ass Avril Lavigne and/or emo/pop-punk also commonly found by Pac Sun at the mall looking at chicks
not to be confused with skaters or skatepunks.
"Dude look at that sweet (insert various trick) he just landed"- skater
" A what???, oh yeah yeah ummm yeah that was outrageous,wanna go to the mall or do somethin else?"-skater boi
"O you mean that old abandoned one,we could pull some sick tricks on all the shit they left!" -skater
"NO,I mean the one with PEOPLE..."-skaterboi
*skater boi then attempts to skate off and does a faceplant*
by bitchandburn September 01, 2007
A dyke into skateboarding.
Not to be confused with skater boy.
by girl soup May 29, 2003
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