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Skatenerd is someone who knows a lot about skateboarding. Historical facts about the riders, videos, boards, t-shirt graphics and skate spots make up just a few of the things you will find a skatenerd talking about. Skatenerd’s are not afraid of their vast body of knowledge or the people who may mock them. They take pride in being a nerd and their friends rely on them for answers to the mysteries of skateboarding.
"Yo skatenerd, who was the first person to do an ollie?
by Rusty Nelson May 15, 2006
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A skater that is so obsessed with skateboarding he eats, breaths, and sleeps skating As By downloading Podcasts, video and rating other skaters on who they skate.
You look up skateboard videos on youtube. Your such a skate nerd
by Urban Fro Ninja October 29, 2007

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