(1)One who wastes money on a wooden board with wheels mounted on the bottom of it.

(2)One who rides around on a skateboard, thinking they're either cool, hot, or better than everyone else. These kids usually smoke pot and grow their hair into an unruly and/or ugly style. Skateboarders are known for wearing shirts that advertise skateboarding companies and/or counterfiet Ralph Lauren polo shirts. They can usually be seen around wearing various ugly styles of hats. Some wear beanies (making it look as if they're of Jewish origin), baseball caps (making it look like they know what baseball is), or skateboard brand hats. Some of the skateboard brand hats resemble baseball caps or even hats of communist leaders, such as Chiang Kai-Shek. These "skateboarders" usually associate themselves with be able to get hot girls, although not all are successful. They also are known for: having nothing better to do but to skate around on streets, smoking pot, destroying stuff, advertising symbols of anarchy, creating low budget skate teams, bothering girls, and/or thinking they are better than anyone one else at skateboarding.
(3) One and/or a group of retards who consider(s) skateboarding to be a sport, although it is definitely not.
(4) Professional Skateboarders who are famous for skateboarding. A Skateboarder is not the ordinary middle school/high school fag who think they are a skateboarder.
Tony Hawk is a skateboarder.
Joe Schmo, who is in 10th grade, is not a skateboarder, unless he has been nationally recognized for his talents.

John's a skateboarder because he thinks it is a sport. John is also a retard who cannot make the modified basketball team...
by Tony Hawk April 01, 2005

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