Skateboarders often call there own sport an "extreme" sport, when there is nothing extreme about it. When your walking up town and you see someone skateboarding nine times out of ten all you see them do is push themselves around on a piece of wood and fall. They attemt tricks that are not even at great hieghts or great speed. They will generally fall which results in a lot of bitching and moaning. The occasional throwing of a chunk of wood around as if they land that trick all the time with there eyes closed. Lots of time you will see them jump and spin there board out of control as if it is a trick. Also,when is the last time you've ever seen a skateboarder doing something life-threatening? They can say that stupid "mega-ramp" thing all they want but even a unicycle could jump that high if you gave it a big enough ramp. I'm tired of them saying that there "sport" is the best sport out there and nothing else compares to it, when in fact there wrong. It puzzles me that out of all the extreme sports, skateboarding, is the most popular. My guess is that very few have the balls to try something dangerous/creative like blading, BMX, and others. Skateboarding is just for those who can't do anyhthing big so instead they just spin around there piece of wood a foot off the ground and call that the greatest sport?
"Hey look at that hunk of shit rolling towards us, oh no wait thats just a pack of skateboarders"
by B-rent15 September 26, 2007
Top Definition
one who rides a skateboard and has fun doing it. skaters can be any kind of person; punk, prep, jock, criminal, nerd... whatever. skateboarding has room for all kinds of people, and most of us won't discriminate based on anything but your love for skateboarding.

however, since skateboarding has recently rocketed in popularity, it has now become 'cool'. so now, you have to deal with those who are only doing it to be 'cool'. these people are not really skateboarders.

if you are the other kind of skater (the for real one, and you know who you are) i have some words of wisdom for you. when you get kicked out of a skatespot, don't mouth off to the cops no matter how much of an idiot they really are. if skaters want to get accepted in todays world (which seems impossible right now) then we need to act like civilized people. if thats how we act, that's how we'll be treated, which means less getting kicked out of skate spots and more riding of the skateboard.
skateboarders are usually non-competative people, because competition in skateboarding is fairly low-key; its not really taken seriously. ESPN tried to make it into some dramatic rivalry between the top skaters when in fact they are all friends just goofing around. there's no hating.
by karl July 29, 2004
One who skateboards.
I ride a skateboard, therefore I am skateboarder.
by Ziggy Stardust March 01, 2005
A person who chose a cool sport instead of putting on a jockstrap and jumping all over men.
It's cool how skateboarders don't jump all over men like football jocks.
by XFS November 09, 2003
A person who gets a lot of shit from frat/jock/scum because theyre ex girlfriends are all fucking skaters. Skateboarders also get a lot of hate because the frat/jock/scum cant skateboard so in turn they just talk shit. Frat Jock Scum is just upset because theyre too dumb and fucking muscular to skate and they cant just tackle into someone like a dickface.....besides why would those dudes wanna skate anyway no one in skateboarding likes dave mathews or OAR . Skateboarders are generally sincere,honest, hardworking kids and the ones who are fuck ups arent really skateboarders becuase if they were real skateboarders they would be skateing instead of fucking up. ANd if anyone has anything bad to say you can contact me and come over my house and watch your girl suck me off. WOOD PUSHERS FUCKING UNITE BITCHES.
Skateboarders are fucking rad kids .
by PHILTHADELHPIA July 04, 2006
"God Bless all the skaters that have the balls to skateboard."

A direct quote from a hobo in one of the 411 videos...
Eric Koston: im going to kill myself on this 360 flip to noseblunt down this 10 stair.
Rick Mcrank: at least you have the balls to try it.
by Tyler N. March 19, 2004
A person who actually skates for the love of skateboarding(like me), and not just for the sport, or to impress girls or say they're punk on any of that. People that really skate because they just love doing what they're doing, those people are the real skaters.
Skateboarder: Lets go check out that sweet new skate park!
Pretender: Ok if there are chicks that will be all over me and I can just stand there and look pretty with my board.
by Sk8 or Die March 11, 2006
some one who has taken an alternative to foot ball and all the other traditional sports. And they pretty much live for the sport.
people who dont think that that skateboarder has much skill havent tryed skateboarding
by Anonymous July 14, 2003
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