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A skateboarding forum that has maybe 3 good skaters, and the rest just plain suck! Almost all the members are rude, and are way too opinionated about a topic they know nothing about. Most likely members ride big wheels, and suck their thumbs at night. The only good people on the site are admins and moderators, so therefore, it can be tolerated when they post. The rest are outcasts from other skateboarding sites they got banned from like ramprage, skaterscafe, transworld, and a few others.
Skateboard-city is a great site if your a tool!
by Skateboard-city September 07, 2007
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A city built for skateboarding. Residents are known to hate the tony hawk pro skater series, bam margera, and ryan sheckler.
Bob: "Hey man wanna go on skateboard-city?"
Billy: "No thanks. I'd rather make out with my Monroe-bot."
by nottreeunit December 02, 2007
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