it is a life a crime in someplaces and a passion
you cant say you are a real skater unless you sweat bleed and live for the sport
"sk8er 4 life"
by toast March 31, 2003
The only other sport that comes close to skateboarding is Paintball
Skateboarding, rock, Paintball, girls, computer rule!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by .... September 25, 2003
a deadly strain of the ebola virus which targets members of the ape family at christmas dinners and other social gatherings where someones dignity is at stake.
we were forced to kill the lot of them, when they drank a bad batch of banana daquiris and caught a dose of skateboard"
by monkeygoosekins July 15, 2003
u no when that guy w/ tthe mukllet does that stuf when he goes enamonachoona and he ya "hey boys" "yeah"
stuff does that thing @ the place WA WA
by Robbie April 19, 2003
n. A four-wheeled board used for personal transportation, and as an instrument for denting railings, grinding stairways, chipping benches, and committing other acts of vandalism against public property.
"You get that skateboard off of my property, you filthy little pot-smoking delinquent! Or I'll call your mama up so she can give you a spanking!"
by Carl Willis October 12, 2004
An english term used to describe the wankers who spell skate - sk8 and walk round holding small shelves with wheels that never appear to 'board' the damn things. Usually seen waiting at bus stops.Bored is the uk english spelling but these yanks pell it board.
Hence skate bored
Skateboard = TWAT
by H December 26, 2003
Stupid thing people use when they hate life. Also consist of lame ass clothing.
I hate life I'm gonna go skateboard
by UNCTarHeel612 January 31, 2005
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