A nice little time eater that takes genuine skill. Most lamers who can do nothing but scratch their ass and play video games all day, really want to be able to stand on a board.
*picks nose* I wish I could be a punk-anarchist and ollie *boots up lame-ass X-Box to play DOD Volleyball
by DXM2211811 September 10, 2003
a board with wheels and trucks.....this device is used to have fun and if ur gonna do it ....love it!!
A skateboard is GOD!!!
by NACHOsk8r August 29, 2003
A piece of wood with Trucks, Wheels, Bearings, Griptape, and Hardware. Many people love to do this, but most of them are just posers who suck at it. Only posers say "skateboard", you're supposed to say "skate".
Let's go skate at the new skate park!
by Dr.Phil June 03, 2005
something that relieves stress (or generates more, depending on what you do). it can be the greatest thing in the world or the worst. when it seems like the worst, jut keep practicing.

oh, and it annoys the shit out of old people.
i hate old people.

i also hate that old nickolodeon show Rocket Power, buncha posers.
poser: hEy GuYs WhO wAnTs To, LiKe, Go ToTaLlY sHrEd, MaN!
skater: shut the fuck up before i crack your skull with my board. oh, and your toys'r'us board sucks Hitler's left nut.

skateboard. now ive used it in my definition so UD will accept it.
by Skatey Mc Skaterton September 09, 2006
A piece of wood with wheels and a simple turning system, that has the magical power to bring fun and pleasure to millions around the world. It also should be used for fun and not to look "cool".
guy one: "hey look at me I'm so cool, I'm carrying a skateboard, that must mean I am really adventurous and wild"

guy two: "you suck"
by howangrol August 27, 2008
The greatest invention the world has ever seen.
"Hey dog, you wanna go ride skateboards at the skatepark?"
by The pro skateist exstrordinare August 12, 2006
a shaped plywood device that when used is the equivalent of gradual suicide...
provides satisfaction to those people whom are hard to satisfy...

skateboarding is not an image thing...

skateboarding = passion for pain...
yesterday i was practically sweating blood after a good day on my skateboard...

skateboarding is NOT a crime...

i love alli...
by Phil b May 10, 2003

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