n. the human discharge released from the poopy shooty.
I really have to let some skat out
by shawn December 08, 2003
a card game made up by the KGC Crew and friends involving 3 cards at a time and can be played with 3-6 people
SKAT BITCHES!! i got and ace and two other royal flush cards of the same suit...everyone give me one chip...
by Little Gords July 24, 2006
When someone is not skinny, but not quite fat. Usually have muffin tops.
Ew look at that roll peeking out from "Gabrielle's" black shirt? She's skat and that's nasty.
by Lynese March 03, 2006
To be high.

To have the munchies.

Can't concentrate because you are so high.
"I am so skat right now"

"I am so skat right now!!! Where are the chips?"

"I can't do this! I'm way to skat"
by T. Carter October 28, 2006
skat to randomly skateboard.
yo i think i should get the 21" inch wheels, right? lets skat.
by Matt Varone July 22, 2007
skat is also an alternative name for heroin, although it is not that widespread
bill scored some skat last night
by popz April 26, 2006
To whip someone with your middle finger
Tony got skatted in his eye and went blind
by Da Burns June 13, 2007
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