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Skank Panties. Tacky, gaudy panties worn by skanks...or normal women who are wanting to spice up their love lives by being a bit risque.
David: What the hell are those?

Michelle: These are my new skanties. Got 'em at Victoria's of Hollywood. Do you like them? They're crotchless AND rear-less!

David: What color are they? That color's not found in nature, is it?

Michelle: It's a mixture of fuchsia, pink and orange. The sequins around the openings are blue, with mink fur accents. Motley Crue is in town, and fuchsia is Tommy Lee's favorite color. Do you think he'll like them? I doubt if I'll be wearing them long enough for him to notice, but it's the thought that counts, ya know?

David: You're so skanky, but I have to admit that I do love the skanties!
by greyborzoi May 20, 2010
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the combination of the word Scandalous, Skanky, and Nasty.
"Sleeping with different guys is a little skanty"
by alotta fungus August 26, 2009
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