acting and/or dressing like a skank (see skank)
"she is so skanky! just look at what she's wearing!"
by Tori June 21, 2003
one fucked up skank ho, SkankyShell.
no example needed.
by Zandra June 28, 2004
Skanky=If something went shit/insult meaning cheeky rude
Dude that was skanky/ You skanky bastard
by Pinks October 14, 2003
to be skanked, more a mind set than a style,
kinda scruffy but u don care an so it's cool,but slightly funny as well
today i dressed skanky cos i don give a damn
by warren November 14, 2003
Scam, to be scammed
i've been well skanked there
you skanky bastard
by Keane March 17, 2004
Anything of or pertaining to a $10,000 hooker.
That skanky ho-bag wants to borrow your homework.
by rye 524 December 09, 1999
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