Very gross and ugly girl, mostly wears unnecessarily tight clothing and seen with a guy on its arm. Travels alone, packs cause problems for mating rituals.
Look there's Skanky, oh hey another boyfriend.
by I HAT3 SKANKY September 20, 2009
1)Adj - Unattractive, or lacking in personal hygiene
2)Adj - Like a whore, slutty
1- That trash can is so skanky!
2- That girl is skanky and I want some
by Tommy-N October 26, 2007
a term of endearment given to the significant woman in a mans life e.g girlfriend, wife, fiancé. Is a form of complimentary verbal irony. Commonly used by Australians.
Guy: aww my gorgeous skanky, I love you so much <3
by poppygirl93 November 09, 2012
A term used to describe someone as full of sexually transmitted diseases.
That skank is a living encyclopedia of STDs!
by Not Skanky November 23, 2003
A term used to discribe a girl who is nasty, dirty, or sluty.
Dat gurl Sierra hanusak is a skanky bitch.
by jdog420 March 23, 2014
A term Red Sox fans use to describe Yankees fans, all because they're pissed off about trading Babe Ruth back in the day.
Damn Skanky's! Fuck the Yankees.
by skankytiff May 25, 2008
an unclean woman who'll do anything for a fag
look at that pure minging skanky boot
by greig crawford August 18, 2007

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