in rural areas preps use the word skanky to describe trailer trash.
white rain products and mudd jeans.
by preppy07 May 03, 2005
A scruffy, smelly, disgusting bastard (UK)
My housemates are skanky. They poured leftover fish curry into the washing-up bowl, left it there for a week until the maggots took over. (unfortunately, this is true)
by Caroline September 28, 2003
1) Derogatory term to describe something, or someone, which is more than a bit below par in terms of appearance or general hygiene.

2) Also applies to girls who look a bit dirty in all interpretations of the word.
1) Friend - "Hey, there's a sofa in that skip and it doesn't look too bad, shall we grab it?"
Me - "Ewww, what are you on about! It's got stains on it, that is SO skanky!"

2) "Dude, that bird looks WELL skanky, I bet she's been around!"
by carlypussycat March 13, 2008
Describes someone who dresses provocatively, suggestive of wanton sexuality or just feminine empowerment. See slutty
Look at that short skirt and the boobs hanging over her top--what a skank.
by opiexl August 10, 2005
see Paris Hilton
damn ho doesnt know when to stop fucking
fucking skanky ass slut bitch
Paris Hilton. One skanky ho.damn shes skanky
by eagles suck October 02, 2007
A person who shows off in a sexual manner for attention. Someone who definetly doesn't care what people might think of them. One who might sleep around, catch hiv or stds before hitting puberty...
"Alyshia Macysa Your always giving people bjs'."
"Come back later I'm bussy sucking on peter's peter."
"Fucking skanky girl..."
by Nigel Samson March 23, 2007
a real dumb and slutty/blonde bitch aka the town bicycle
Teneille is one damn skanky hoe
by haywood jablome October 26, 2004
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