female who loves reggae, especially bob's easy skanking, and has a lot of game, so don't mess with her.
dayumm dat gurl iz a skanky ho; she ain't take dem earphonz out in dayz andz shez so sure she can get all dem boiz. shit, i hatez dat biotch.
by the skanky ho herself August 04, 2008
Top Definition
Smelly whore
Australian journalist Janet Albrechtson according to politician Mark Latham
by Damien Streets November 26, 2003
someone who sleeps with loads of men when she's had a bit too many vodka's and remembers nothing of it in the morning
comes from Edinburgh and a club where cheap drink is in steady supply
em, I was a bit of a skankyho last night, but can't remember much!
by jenneep July 08, 2004
A skanky whore.
Your momma's a skankyho.
by Tommy August 19, 2003
One who over-flaunts what they may or may not have; Can be simply referred to as "skank" or ho". Saying skanky ho is adding more to it and implying the "ho" in question is more skanky than usual.
Dat bitch iz a skanky ho; look at her clothes, she be all ovah mah man, yo!
by Anonymous February 02, 2003
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