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simply put it is a retarded skank, those who are to stupid to seduce but not to stupid to pull down thier top. also they giggle alot and every once in awhile they throw in a snort
ie: cheeses rice! you dumb skank tard, just becuase you have dyslexia doesnt mean you can't talk and why are you naked?
by dudethatsgross January 18, 2005
A girl who is skanky but at the same time very retarded.
Girl 1: Look at that girl. God she is so skanky.

Girl 2: She is just extremely retarded.

Girl 1: What a skanktard.
by comofan24 November 02, 2008
Celebrity or other known person who portrays themselves as loose and slut like while also portraying themselves as a complete idiot but we are not sure if they know it or not.
Tik Tok has a number one song, she is such a skanktard...
by Mike Stevenson II March 21, 2010
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