dancing around and kickin out your legs, splits in the air.
That person is totally skankin
by av July 30, 2003
Top Definition
An awesome form of dance. Done to Ska music. While other types of dances have restrictions, Skankin is just going crazy, throwing your legs and arms in the air, and having fun. A form of non-violent moshing.
-I would recommend the Toasters for skankin.

-Yes, especially live.
by The Quaking asps December 21, 2005
A dance created to highlight the offbeats of ska music.
I was skankin the night away.

Skank till you drop!
by Jenn November 02, 2003
(Skank-In)- A form of Dancing applied to ska music. Dance meant not for pain but for dancing.
"Skankin's meant for fun, not for getting hurt" -Mustard Plug

EX: Skank to that 2-toen beat!
by dwalkinafrica March 14, 2004
A synonym for the word bitchin'
I'm throwing the skankin' est party of all.
by Hamu-Kun December 24, 2010

Someone who plays someone.

preferably an Ian or a Molly?
That douche be skankin'!

That whore totally skanked me!
by Iaintplayin August 20, 2011
Like bitchin' but more awesome.
We were totally skankin' at the beach the other day!

Did you see that girl? She was totally skankin'.

Damn, I feel skankin'.
by SabbathJustSabbath December 24, 2010
basically, ska moshing!!! see if ur at a show and the band plays ska u can't really mosh but you form a pit and then you dance around kicking your legs being happy.
i went to warped and saw the suicide machines, and i skanked!!!
by kristen August 16, 2003
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