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A huge skank that sleeps around with whoever because shes easy.
She is a skankasauras rex.
by special child.. April 08, 2009

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This sexy dino-saur is always looking for new pray. She loves to flirt, hang with her girls, chill with the hotties, and party (where you will usually find her passed out in either a garbage can or a pile of broken glass)! You can usually find her prowling around Hoezville, Ontario Canada. Skankasauras Rex also answers to slut, skank, whore, carpet muncher, and hoe.

A.K.A. Chrissy A.
Hey Skankasausras Rex, your a carpet muncher!

*cough* skankasauras rex *cough*
by Chrissy A. February 22, 2005
pulling a noonan, acting like a slut, being a whore
Ashley is such a skankasauras rex, she's had sex with so many guys
by spring2009 February 17, 2009