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Females who may be decent looking in the face and body but are very sluttish and nasty looking and usually look and/or dress very stank.
I don't want none of them skank ass ho's. I want some dime brizzles.
by bligadon August 04, 2006
Anyone,usually female,who is typically carrying one or more sexually transmitted diseases while openly initiating and encouraging penetration.
2.-a walking cum dupster,(see cum dumster)who poorly conceals her
HIV slingin' attitude.
"Hey man,why you scratchin' up on you're junk all silly?"

"Cause your skank ass ho of a sister gave me a rash....I feel really sick man,I'm not kidding.I might have the HIV.She fucks everybody."
by Stefin D. October 15, 2007
One that not only possesses the qualities of a skank but also the qualities of an ass and a ho. A triple threat if you will.
You be a skankassho. No one likes you.
by CN2 May 16, 2005