see your mom.
"I did that skank ho indabutt last night. I mean your mom."
"Join the club."
by Nick D May 17, 2003
someone who sleeps around a lot and is unappologetic for their actions like singing a song like "stars are blind"
...but i would do her
that skank ho Paris has a turd face
by koolkas August 11, 2006
A girl (or boy - yes boys can be them too see PIMP) who sleeps around a lot.
That kid is a skank ho, she sleeps with everybody.
by Alex August 07, 2003
Yoshi's woman counterparts, female friends and/or pets.
I'm gonna go see Yoshi, and once again catch him in the act of sadamy while he slams his skank ho.
by Kell March 11, 2003
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