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A woman who is either:
1)A whore
2)an ex
3)a general annoyance
4)just someone that you hate more than life itself (not necessarily a girl)
Me: I hate my girlfriend. She's such a bitch.
My Friend (sleeping w/ her behind my back): Hell no! She's a SKANK ASS bitch. get it strait.
by v town der smexy 1 December 10, 2006
a girl who gets every single guy, whenever she finds a good one she leaves him multiple times for dumbass scrubs
skank ass bitch:omg "i love "JR" so much but i still hang all over other guys."

ALS: Ashlee your such a skank ass bitch! :O
by ALS aka vain May 27, 2008
refers to one with a rotten behind who is also a full time shrew.
your girlfriend insists that you give her friend elise a ride home from a party, but you tell her, "no way am i allowing that skank ass bitch to rest her rump on my leather."
by keith rebelo April 27, 2004
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