Icky, The DIRT - like the OC.
Something that instills false morals in the hearts and minds of impressionable young teens.
(21:02:38) Me: that's a nice uplifting show
(21:02:46) Her: I just saw the very end of it while I was making my dinner
(21:02:51) Her: Hillary Duff was on it.. that's all I saw heh
(21:02:59) Me: it instills good morals in impressionable teens
(21:03:09) Her: I've never seen a whole show
(21:03:19) Her: I'm not impressionable.
(21:03:22) Her: well... not most of the time
(21:09:26) Me: everyone is impressionable
(21:09:39) Me: didn't you read the thing about 10 billion bits of information
(21:09:47) Me: where are you getting your bits?
(21:10:13) Me: if you get all your bits from skangly stuff, your impressioned skangibly
(21:10:24) Me: if you get all you bits from uplifting stuff
(21:10:38) Me: you're impressioned upliftedly
(21:14:06) Her: yeah I guess
by Ajitator January 28, 2005
Top Definition
A gangly skank.
Lindsay Lohan is skangly.

I feel skangly sitting in your nasty living room.
by theocanadaoc March 16, 2009
dirty and gnarled, awry
"I haven't showered or combed my hair in days, so now it's all skangly."
by Gilberte Swann December 02, 2006
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