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Icky, The DIRT - like the OC.
Something that instills false morals in the hearts and minds of impressionable young teens.
(21:02:38) Me: that's a nice uplifting show
(21:02:46) Her: I just saw the very end of it while I was making my dinner
(21:02:51) Her: Hillary Duff was on it.. that's all I saw heh
(21:02:59) Me: it instills good morals in impressionable teens
(21:03:09) Her: I've never seen a whole show
(21:03:19) Her: I'm not impressionable.
(21:03:22) Her: well... not most of the time
(21:09:26) Me: everyone is impressionable
(21:09:39) Me: didn't you read the thing about 10 billion bits of information
(21:09:47) Me: where are you getting your bits?
(21:10:13) Me: if you get all your bits from skangly stuff, your impressioned skangibly
(21:10:24) Me: if you get all you bits from uplifting stuff
(21:10:38) Me: you're impressioned upliftedly
(21:14:06) Her: yeah I guess
by Ajitator January 28, 2005
1 10
A gangly skank.
Lindsay Lohan is skangly.

I feel skangly sitting in your nasty living room.
by theocanadaoc March 16, 2009
8 1
dirty and gnarled, awry
"I haven't showered or combed my hair in days, so now it's all skangly."
by Gilberte Swann December 02, 2006
2 1