nasty dublin person
by Cully April 01, 2003
the term 'skanger', though regarded as of Dublinese origin, is accepted as having its origins in Jamaican patois. The very poor were known as 'skangers' ('scavengers'). How the term became part of the dublin dialect is unknown. Nooooice one, roysh?
'what a bunch of feckin skangers'
by rathcooleposse September 03, 2007
Man or woman that ruffles the feathers of the petit bourgeoisie, broadly includes actual cunts who fuck everything up and everyone over and also just people who happen to be poor and thus part of a certain culture, despite the pity you might feel for some "rockers" who are picked on, in slightly different circumstances (berlin circa 1939) andy your local nirvana fan from castleknock would most likely be funding right wing death squads to kill inner city people just for being poor
hey nuala look at those skangers, they think theyre so cool with their little knacker burberry hats, oh haw haw haw (airkiss) lets go get some heinos at the buttery!
by chomskola January 16, 2007

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