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a larrikin, dennis the mennace type behaviour. cheeky, naughty but without mallice.
that steve irwin is a bit of a s'kallyWag
by saul good November 06, 2006
1. SKALLYWAG- a crackhead or crackwhore, one that lives on the streat and bums for money to buy alcohol or drugs. one that will rob an old lady of her purse to get a quick fix.
EX. Tell your skank ass skallywag mom to stop asking me for change before i pimp slap that ho with powder on my hand.
by PIMP S. May 17, 2004
A term used in the old red light districts of Europe, referring to a scoundrel, troublemaker, or outlaw (or a troublemaker even among outlaws).
After his fight with the pirates the week before, Cap'n John had become known as a skallywag; as well as a man who could hold his ale.
by Fawkes August 21, 2004
A misunderstood Pirate term. A skally wag was a vicious pirate, not a drunken sailer, Which it is commonly mistaken to be.
AVAST! What a skally wag, ye be. (note- not everyone talked like that in the days of piracy)
by Skally August 14, 2005
someone who is real ghetto like. scavenging heads bare
you are such a skally wag. fix up.
by Gangstarr Gal January 30, 2005
an undefined itch in the genital area caused by skeletors and is spread making new skeletors.
i had sex with that skeletor girl and woke up the next morning with a bad case of the skallywags.
by g money1 November 15, 2010
A very ugly person that can't get any. Sex,Play,etc.
Man that (girl/guy) is a damn "s'kallywag" lookin' mofo. aka Ugly as sin.
by Glen Christian June 28, 2006