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The action of pouring a quart, liter, or gallon of milk or a very basic substance with a Ph level less than 7 in someone's face during intercourse. Additionally, it can be done during any activity whatsoever, such as a during a meal at Subway, randomly during the day, or while making love to an Urban Cougar.
"I almost pulled the "houdini" on that urban cougar last night, but I decided to skagoosh her instead! Damn, it feels good to be a gangster!"

#jack off #jizz #jukin #ejaculate #sex #urban cougar #houdini
by bill chouinard May 10, 2007
Exclamation when in the process or action of throwing a liquid substance on someones face
I just skagooshed you, all over face man
#shazaam #facial #bukkake #ownage #pwnage
by konerkid May 18, 2007
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