Skadoosh is actually a word my brother made up in the 90s.

Its original meaning was something you said before you hit someone or while you hit someone. Much like in Street Fighter two when Ryu performs a fireball or Dhalsim does his Yoga Fire.

The popularity of the word grew and has now become part of a film called Kung Fu Panda though with a slightly skewed meaning.
Example one: Classic usage.
(While throwing a punch)

Example two: Later usage - as a warning.
"I'm going to skadoosh you in a minute".
by Myles Jackson November 27, 2008
The act of pooping.

Aka: crapping, Number 2, Dropping a Duece
Ah man, that chinese was good but now I have to drop a skadoosh!
by Ioan G July 10, 2008
a way of saying that you are going to see your friend later even if not in person.
"hey we'll skadoosh later on video chat, right?"

"skadoosh, see you tomorrow though."
by imaninja July 10, 2008
1) Oh look, here comes that skadoosh everyone hates

Mickey skadooshed in the tent with Matt through his cha chi last night

I went to give Alex a handshake; however, he forcefully skadooshed me into the wall

by Sexy Frisky July 10, 2008
the act of sticking ones penis into another ones ear.
dude your mom's such a milf, i'd skadoosh her in a second.
by Cait Gal June 14, 2008

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