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the word a panda says in their head after they bounce you off their belly. or a word that can be used to explain the action of being bounced off a panda's belly.
"I just gave that fat kid a good skadooshing for coming into my part of this bamboo forest" said the panda to himself
by Poor Richard1212 January 26, 2010
The physical expression of chest bumping your "broseph"
John "Skadooshed" Jim after scoring the winning TD.
by BuffSexyman July 10, 2009
A word that can be put anywhere to describe almost everything...
i skadooshed all over my shirt last night!
by noname12395 June 29, 2011
The act of being surprised, or cheated.
I was skadooshed on the freeway
Did ya see that skateborder skadoosh?
by Mr. Koli August 10, 2005
a word usually said during sex. usually when about to eject your little men. this phrase was made popular and recognizeable by several celebrities; jack black, marlon brando, lil wayne, and george bush.
Tommy: " baby this feels so good, i think i'm going to SKADOOSH!"

Jen: " That was great babe."
by jose balls November 20, 2008
The action of going up to someone and swinging your arms back and moving your body forwar.
"Woah, look at Josh dancing!!!"
"That's not dancing, that's skadooshing"
by Moleman254 October 07, 2008
someone or something so lame, it's even WORSE than a douche bag.
"She was trying to talk to him but he was ignoring her. Can't she take a hint?!?"

"Naww...she's a Skadoosh!"

by KT1221 August 31, 2008