It is the new word of the century. It can simply be used in any sentence or any form, and it just makes sense. If you have nothing to say, or something to say but don't know how to say it, just use this word.
Whoa guys, skadoosh!
You've just been skadoosh'd.
by GAT4 October 02, 2009
During a sports game or practice in which the coach is a douchebag, skadoosh is said when something perfect is done by a player and means "fuck the coach."
1. (After a perfect soccer goal) "Skadoosh!"

2. Thanks man, that was a skadoosh pass!
by Mkaynow August 28, 2010
A word that replaces any verb while in the act of doing something.
Yo that car was in the middle lane and then SKADOOSH it just crashed right into the other car. Bro he was driving to the hole and I came and was like SKADOOSH rejected!!!!
by GFYBIYM May 10, 2010
When a person wants something to happen at that exact moment. The act of counting down from five, than after one, saying Skadoosh.
Person 1) Dude I totally want the pizza guy to get here soon, I'm starving!
Person 2) why don't you just Skadoosh it?
Person 1) alright! good plan!



Person 1) hooray for Skadoosh!
by FrisbeeMan April 27, 2010
finger upward motion as in putting a mustache over your top lip. This motion indicates a Skadoosh. Skadoosh could mean anything but mainly used as :boner.
you notice a guy gets a skadoosh talking to you friend. You walk by makeing eye contact with the friend,with the skadoosh sign (finger mustache) walk away.
by Tolaio March 06, 2010
to subside over an edge or the horizon
the sun is shing now but pretty soon it will skadoosh over the horizon!!!
by sublime7447 February 03, 2010
the word a panda says in their head after they bounce you off their belly. or a word that can be used to explain the action of being bounced off a panda's belly.
"I just gave that fat kid a good skadooshing for coming into my part of this bamboo forest" said the panda to himself
by Poor Richard1212 January 26, 2010

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