Said after someone does something worth noticing.
"Dude he shit his pants!" "Hahaha skadoodles nigga!"

"Man he got a new badass car." "Skadoodles!"
by RC Cola & G Code February 02, 2007
Top Definition
1. To leave with haste
2. To perform a dance step while doodling

More often than not #1 is used.
1. It's 3:34am, I better skadoodle!
2. I'm so talented, I can skadoodle and still look this good!
by Grimmie January 23, 2004
Derivative of the term skedaddle, used to express interest in leaving an area or vicinity
Hey let's skadoodle!
by LT728 May 10, 2011
The worlds greatest up and coming CS:GO player. Plays for curse gaming. Is totally amazing at everything and is also attractive. One of the most fun players to watch, and an overall just wonderful person. Someone to look up to in all aspects. Expect to see him as the #1 player in the world.
Man, did you see Skadoodle's stream last night?! It was epic. He's so amazing, I bet he gets so many girls.
by gamergurl0609111 April 23, 2013
A replacement word for bitch, should somebody wish to refrain from swearing.
Man, what a Skadoodle!
by gadzoox August 21, 2010
the emotion expressed when one's vaginal vicinity is yammed or thraxed vigorously.
In the process of yamming, she proceeded to skadoodle her heart out in a tone unheard by human ears.

EX:(omg, wtf, owww, my uterus is bleeding, my vaginal walls are deteriorating)
by mrt0024 November 18, 2008
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