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ska-douche created mid-2000 era by reminants of metropolitian towns on the north-west coast of the united states. this word was developed to be the ultra-word that covers the use of words such as; stoops, kook, blowin it, lame, gay, douche bag, fag nuts, nut face, dildo spray, retartd, zebratard, ect....
(pronounced; ska_douche)
usage; your friends does something say "SKA-DOUCHE!!!!"
by caleb Sutherland February 07, 2007
26 17
Anything and everything. Skadouche originally came from Kung Fu Panda but has expanded into a word of unlimited meanings. It can be an adjective, noun, verb, adverb (anything!). One just simply replaces any word with a form of skadouche and hilarity ensues.
1. He skadouched in my eye!
2. That dude is a skadouchebag
3. Skadouche me later!
4. Lets skadouche
5. that was skadouchin awesome
6. I was skadouching with kyle last night and then he skadouchin left to pick up some more skadouche.
by KVVA July 10, 2008
72 26
a word used when in the presence of a panda using kung fu.


when a BURN is given, its the expression you say there after.
"Not the finger hold! You're bluffing.
I figured it out.


"At least my phone isn't as ugly as your face. ohhh you've just been Skadouched."
by ChanClair June 12, 2008
46 31
variation of douchebag. used more as a sound than a word.
Jimmy: yeah i made her pay for the abortion and everything.
Denny: wow....SKADOUCHE.
by jsousa3717 May 30, 2011
2 6
When someone is such a big douche bag that simply calling them a douche just won't do.
Osama Bin Laden is such a skadouche.
by Bob Dole Jr. III May 02, 2011
6 10
another way for calling someone a douche
dude, that brett kid is a skadouche.
i know man.
by Mr. Happy74 January 27, 2009
11 17
the preteen practice of using a vodka soaked tampon to achieve a wasted state. not-gender restrictive. Any orifice will do.

Instructions: Allow any super/heavy tampon to soak until fully saturated with vodka before inserting into internal cavities.
"In honor of my thirteenth birthday and because its a half day tomorrow, I am totally going to skadouche before mom drops me off at the mall"

"Omg, I am SO skadoused right now!!!"
by natako March 27, 2009
17 24