Ska is music people in the scene call them selfs rude boys or rude girls.There are two difernt types of ska.Two-Tone and 3rd wave/Skacore.Two-tone is more slow and mixed with jazz,swing and reggae.Skacore or the third wave is mixed with fast two-tone sounds and punk that you can skank to.Skanking is a dance that is in a ska bands pit.

Two-tone:The specials,Bob Marley and the wailers,The Skatalites

Skacore:Reel Big Fish,Streetlight Manifesto,Sekta core.

by Adam,aD00M August 04, 2008
hey dipshit.. "punk 101" it's not punk.. it's ska. ska is a mix of punk and jamaican ska dveloped in the mid seventy's early eighties with bands like the skatallites and so on. ever wonder what the black & white checkers are all about?? white people(punk) & black people (ska) coming together to make an awesome genere of music.. and also those dumbasses that call people "ska kid".. it's rudeboy you stupids..
"ska's not punk" damn right it's not.. there's a reason it's called SKA!!!
by Mayin September 20, 2006
newer ska is known mainly as a mix of punk, reggae, and ussually features horns such as trumpets and trombones.

there is supposedly a ska "style" but it is hard to pinpoint and consists mainly of a lot of punk with some vintage clothing mixed in.
You can hear the three components of ska in Less Than Jake.
by PXE July 19, 2005
A "fun" genre of music. Examples include Reel Big Fish, Mighty Mighty Bosstones, Catch 22 (although they are more of a swing dance style). And Ska without horns? What a horrible definition.
I love skankin'
by pissoff November 25, 2003
may be used in various situations.. also like the word "whatever". (however you want)

"Go ska yourself"
"Boiinnggg Ska .duh"
"You were totally ska today"
"Whaaat the ska?"
by mo pie September 08, 2007
Commenly known as a style of music but can also be a way of life (just like emo or metal can be). Skas live thier life from the lyrics of their favorite Ska band (Less Than Jake, Catch 22) and often make up their own sayings or life rules, showing adaptation similiar to the music itself. Skas can look like what some would call preps, chatches, richies, or some times even borderline gangster. Their appearance is not limited to that although because of the flexiblity of the music/style. Skas are also known for their drinking ability and their general dislike of emos.
Timmy:"Dad, look at that guy, he eats, drinks and breathes, that music. He looks kinda preppy..."
Father"Well son he's not actually preppy, he's ska."
by Keynon July 09, 2005
A good genre of music that has been completly raped by coperate america. Coming from Jamacia in the 50s, it led to genres like reggae and funk. Some 80's punk bands incorperated it into their music with some success. Over time, as true punk died out, really crappy bands began to put horns and crappy chords into their music, making something that sounds nothing like true ska. The music industry picked up on this, and now labels all new pop rock crap that has any kind of brass instrument in it ska, and thus we are stuck with shitty bands like less than jake and sublime which are an embarresment to true ska and just plain suck.
"Dude do you like ska music?"
"You dont even know what real ska is shut up"
by Ee December 05, 2004
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