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A boy who skateboards!
Tony Hawk
by Rocking Ro June 10, 2004
20 33
A braindead twat who listents to shit nu-metal music and thinks he's kewl and different just because he thinks he's a metaller!!
That sk8r boi is a complete TWAT!
by Mike February 21, 2004
14 29
The best song in the world, absolutely genius. Anyone who thinks otherwise has no taste of music.
he was a sk8r boi she said cya later boy.
by Romanfool November 01, 2007
16 34
Sk8r boi - think of their sk8boards as no 1!!!!
He broke my heart so i broke his sk8board!!!
Ha ha sk8r boi! loser!!!
by ~*~Eliza~*~ December 05, 2006
3 25