A stupid Avril Lavigne song. She wrote it solely to make us more miserable, seeing as how long it takes to spell the damn word, you can never search for it without wanting to hurt someone.
She was a sk8r boi, she said see ya later boy, haha i just made you waste moments of your life
by MickeyD!! May 01, 2007
Top Definition
A pretty boy who walks around with a skateboard under one arm and never seems to use it.

NOTE: is often seen crashing the mall with Avril Lavigne
"Hey check out the sk8r boi over there!"
by Kate August 09, 2003
A way of writing skater boy mostly used by a chav who has decided it would be cool to "skateboard" and be different to ther friends (I know its rare) to get some laughs.

They are generally wankers.
Q: sup bruv I is well a sk8r boi ay I?
A: no, you are a cunt now fuck off and get a job.
by Gaz April 18, 2005
Title of a lame song by Avril Linguine.
She is probably unaware that a "bois" are she-males, aka "chicks with dicks"
Escort Ad:

Hot Latin Boi "Brianna" 24/7 in/out by appointment only.
by Phillip Dixon July 21, 2004
A boy who skates and is loved by no one until he is a punk star on MTV. Yeah, they play music on MTV.
Skater to punk superstar. What?
by Some Dude Named Ryan October 25, 2003
an awesome song by avril lavigne.
he was a sk8r boi
she said see ya later boy
he wasnt good enough for her
by lgjoadshgbn;zrgn;a July 14, 2010
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