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derived from the words "sk8r" and "boi" (a lesbian, or an androgonous female). put them together and you get the meaning:

~lesbian poser
avril lavigne is a sk8erboi.
by spite January 05, 2005
Name of song by Avril Lavigne from the text version of "Skater erection".

Note that since Avril is Quebecois, she mixes the French word for wood into the phrase.
"Ooh, that guy on the red plank is so cute! I want some of his sk8er boi!"
by D F Stuckey May 12, 2004
kaji is known as potatoe_skins
uuuh that was just telling you guys soomething! lol
by kaji March 25, 2003
A huge hit song by Avril Lavigne, so good in fact that pathetically raised infantile assholes are jealously announcing their hatred for her instead of silently envying her because she has a more fulfilling life than they have.

Everytime they hear Avril's song Sk8er Boi, it reminds them of what a loser they are so they resort to talking shit.

With all the money earned from the song Sk8er Boi, Avril can actually pay people to care what stupid people think about her.
by alpinedigital January 04, 2006
a lesbian skater, however a person penned a tune with this lyric, did they know the meaning of boi?

by turin rain June 12, 2003