a stupid word that wanabee skaters say to sound cool.
Last night i sk8ed all night long
by Loz July 14, 2004
like all these words sk8 or sk8er or sk8r is not poseurish and avril did create it was made in chat rooms like sayinmg kool or or got 2 go useing short cuts 2 save time (see also leet l33t 1337 l337 31337)
chat box guy one:i love to sk8 at the park its fun

chat box gurl:kool i luv 2 sk8 its fun
by xion May 09, 2005
When your dog craps in the floor and does a dance in the corner.
by Squeky Clean February 03, 2005
sk8 is also a shit player who thinks he is as good as fluff3h but he just actually suck's C**K
omg fluff3h your my idol i love you learn me in the way of the fluff !

fluff3h replys all in jew time my young padawan now start sucking BITCH !
by wayne January 24, 2005
In the real world Sk8 is an abreviation for Skate.but in the world of -={WTF}=-, EMFF, and other 1st person shooters it means seeing him shoting him not killing him and being killed the total opposite to Fluff3h and Web (The Hackes LoL)
"Sk8 i must of shot you with a full clip?"

"yeah but when you reloded next time make shure your hack is on before you reload"

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