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A San Diego skateboarding company. The entire sk8mafia is ridiculously awesome. The dude on the proteam are Peter, Brandon, and Kellen.
They have sk8mafia teams on saturdays..go check them out,
and they may smoke occasionally but they arent potheads.
they do listen to old school hiphop music. They're all sickk skaters.
yoo, i wanna be down with sk8 mafia, they're gangster and sick skaters.
by A-lexextremeninja August 29, 2009
A Southern California based skateboard company/gang that is very gangster. Each member of the mafia is a gnarly skateboarder, smokes a ton of weed, listens to gangsta/old school hip-hop (eazy- e, NWA), and enjoys fucking bitches and hoes.
Yo man i got a sick new sk8 mafia deck!
by pussymaster1000 April 08, 2009