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Descriptor for a nominally hetreosexual male who is willing to engage in totally uninhibited homosexual activity after drinking 3 or 4 beers with a drinking buddy.
"Brody went six-pack gay with Kyle because his girlfriend won't give good head."
by Neil Logism May 26, 2008
a man who only has gay feelings when drunk.
Carl: Maybe I should stop drinking. Rodger is looking better and better.
Sam: Dude, your so six-pack gay.
by panda24 May 02, 2009
A man, who normally identifies himself as heterosexual, but after drinking a six pack of beer commits homosexual acts.
John gave me a blowjob last night in the pool while his girlfriend was passed out, but only because he was drunk. He's a six pack gay.
by mrjohnmills September 08, 2013