Signal strength meter on radio, indicating strongest signal. Therefore, to comprehend completely.
I read you six by six.
by oldchief June 16, 2004
The standard size of a jail cell in federal prison.
"Then, he took me back the the six by six and made me toss his salad"
by steve-o June 12, 2004
six feet long by six feet under - a buried coffin
"Him? I thought you knew - he's six-by-six, man."
by L.W. Brown June 18, 2004
A board, made of wood, six inches by six inches, variable lengths. Also a penis of these dimensions.
Yo girl, I got a two foot long six by six
by Edmonton dude June 15, 2004
A rip off of Faith's "five by five" slogan. Often used by an extreme Buffy fangirl.
Kirsty: How are you?!
Jenelle: Pfft, six by six.
by Purifico June 17, 2004
Railroad tie.
Yo dawg, me and ray ray fittin' to go steal some six by six's to put in da yawd.
by Farmer June 13, 2004
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