The standard size of a jail cell in federal prison.
"Then, he took me back the the six by six and made me toss his salad"
by steve-o June 12, 2004
Top Definition
A hamburger from In-N-Out with 6 patties and 6 slices of cheese. Very tasty, very big.
"I want a 6 x 6, animal style, with grilled onions"

"Would you like fries with that?"
by el jefe June 11, 2004
an average length penis that is thicker than average (6 inches long and 6 inches in circumference)
On an Internet chat for men only:
Person A: Are you hung?
Person B: No more than average but thick... I'm a 6x6.
by PlaceHolder June 16, 2004
An In n' Out burger with 6 pieces of meat and 6 pieces of cheese.
I could have bought a double double or a three by three, but I instead opted for the six by six because I'm hungry and hardcore
by ayeleleyee June 15, 2004
when a six foot man puts his size 6 shoe 6 feet up your ass.
Damn that six by six was crucial.
by amberlina June 17, 2004
someone six feet tall and six feet wide
That six by six must weigh 400 pounds!
by xXsUbL1MiNaLXx June 15, 2004
A huge burger from In-n-Out (a western US chain) comprised of 6 patties of meat and 6 slices of cheese. See "double double" and "four by four".
"Welcome to In-n-Out, may I take your order?"
"I'll have a six by six and a vanilla shake."
"That'll be $7.50, fattie"
by duncan June 08, 2004
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