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A white boy with a small penis(which really means all white boys) who accepts that black men are superior and let their girlfriends/wife's get pounded by black cock. The sissy white boy has no problem wearing panties and usually cums in less than a minute.
"Did you hear about Jimmy? he's a sissy white boy, his girlfriend gets banged by black guys and he watches and cleans up afterwords"

Black Man: "Yo sissy white boy, imma go bang your girlfriend, you got a problem wit dat?!"
Sissy White Boy: "No sir! I know my little white sissy dick can't satisfy her"
by lilsissywhiteboy June 25, 2010
A white male that is effeminate in character, weak in physical strength, and cowardly in the presence of black men.
The sissy white boy wet her panties when the black man started yelling at her.
by BlackAl August 24, 2008

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