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someone you thought cared about you as much as you did about them and it was just a lie.

someone who plays games with your emotions plus everyone elses

a lying bitch
barbara was a sissy bitch when it came to aimee but she is still standing.
by b brooks September 09, 2006
A derogatory term; combining sissy and bitch.

A sissy is cowardly and effeminate. A bitch is spiteful and argumentative.

A sissy bitch combines all; someone who speaks a bigger game than they can back up. Someone who whines and complains and prattles on about superficial problems. Someone who attacks/plots against you but is too cowardly to reveal who they are or their reason for attack.

A sissy bitch can be male or female.
Tim: Did you see how whiny Kain got after Louisa blocked him? He acted like it was the biggest tragedy in his life.

Mark: What a sissy bitch.

Steve: Someone's been spreading rumors around that I've been cheating on my girlfriend. Whoever they are, I'll smash their face in if I ever find them.

Dave: You'll never find them, they're hiding like a sissy bitch.
by icantoo June 24, 2007
she dress like a dude, walk like a dude, act like a dude, and wear tighty whitties.but whines like a bitch.....
a good friend you trust and joke with but is whinny
Aimee stop looking at the shot glass and drink it or are you a sissy bitch.

Hey stop acting like a sissy bitch Aimee.luv ya
by b brooks July 28, 2006