most sexiest girl ever. she has a gorgeous figure, pretty hair and beautiful brown eyes. she gets turned on easily and is amazing sex. you can spend forever talking to this beautiful girl and you will never get bored. she is funny and smart and caring and sensitive and beautiful and everyone loves her!
siobhan is so sexy and beautiful.
by bAbY-x0 September 15, 2011
The best sister in the whole world who will hold you up when life events are shakin your world, will unfriend those who hurt you in a heart beat and is the most positive and energetic girl you will ever meet. She's beautiful inside and out and looks nothing like Sara Palin.
Siobhan was there for zanah when that $%^%$^$ did *(&(*&(* and then he @#$%...

Siobhan unfriended him cuz she could.
by MzWhamm February 03, 2010
soemone who attracts most people whose names start with "v" and "r" and "k" and "h."
always loves to wear low cut shirts and loves almost everyone and everyone loves her back LOVES TO CARRESS LEGS especially those of ticklish people
has very large sexy tempting cleavage and loves to sing constantly and randomly she may also own a naughty paper boy that she spanks
siobhan wore a low cut shirt for cleavage appreciation day!!! WOOO
by joey muffins September 26, 2006
The love of Aaron's life. The figure he cannont stop thinking about on a daily basis. The person whom Aaron plans on spending the rest of his life with.
Aaron (to friend)"Siobhan is the greatest thing that has ever happened to me."
Friend "I agree, she is quite amazing."
by AaronK January 29, 2006
The most beautiful, passionate, loving, and caring woman in the world. When Siobhan walks in the room, everyone looks her way. She reeks of confidence and sass....other women need not apply.
Oh Siobhan, your amaze balls!!
by sexy mamah's man November 22, 2013
siobhán is perfection. the ultimate in all qualities!gorgeous, sweet, loving, caring, completely wonderful. my best friend very nice, smart, pretty, athletic....

in 1 word - perfect .The most beautiful, passionate, loving, and caring woman in the world.
She is literal the most beautiful girl in the world.

She is my one true love and I love her with all my heart :3
Siobhan is perfection :3
by RavenHunetxx22 August 23, 2014
siobhan is a sexy beautiful girl who is the best sex you will ever have. she gets turned on and loves people drawing on her neck and back.
siobhan was the best sex i ever had. she pratically had an orgasm when i touched her neck.
by tonY.Veee September 15, 2011

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