see Valentine's Day. Also known as S.A.D., Singles' Awareness Day is how perpetually single people refer to Valentine's Day.
As Jenny began to notice conversation hearts and sickening mushy cards gracing the shelves of retail stores, she knew that Singles' Awareness Day was coming up.
by Yelsie December 30, 2010
Top Definition
Alternate name for Valentine's Day (Feb. 14th), usually used in a negative sense by those who have no valentine.
I hate Singles Awareness Day.
by dbs_chicago February 13, 2006
February 14th, the day that every single man realizes "Damn, I forgot to get a girlfriend." Usually the wiser of the men realize this days ahead based on the many pink and red hearts and fluffy overpriced things found as they go to purchase their beer, or perhaps whilst sitting on the couch enjoying the rerun of 'Independence Day' realizing that every other television advertisement contains the word 'love' or a suggestion to the holiday most refer to as "Valentine's day".

Singles Awareness Day is also abbreviated "SAD" which can be found quite fitting to many people, ironic to the people in relationships, and quite clever to those who don't give a shit either way.
Boy: "Happy Valentine's Day!"
Girl: "Happy Singles Awareness Day!"
*slaps boy in the face and walks off*
by Jerry Riggs February 16, 2008
Celebrated or more like grieved on Valentine's day. S.A.D. stands for Singles Awareness Day. You get the point.
Singles Awareness Day helped me realize how much of a loser I am.
by wyldthinker February 14, 2008
Valentine's Day for single people. I heard about it from a friend.
(a three way phone conversation)
Girl 1: Hi girls!
Girl 2/Single Girl: Hi!
Girl 1(to girl 2): Happy Valentine's Day!(Now directed toward Single Girl)Happy Singles Awareness Day!
by TheBlackMew February 15, 2007
February 14 (valentine's day, of course, for those who are in a relationship) For those without a significant other, the advertisements, cards, flowers and attention given to this particular day make one acutely aware of one's lack of couplehood.
For Singles Awareness Day, I bought myself great chocolate, sexy heels and a new pair of earrings. It helped me avoid the desperate action of finding a man to date just so I wasn't alone on V-Day.
by saint paul girl February 06, 2010
Feb. 13th, the day before Valentine's Day. Because so many people don't have relationships (or do, and they hate Valentine's Day anyway), Feb 13th is the day where single people do nothing, there are no cards, no flowers or anything like that.
Happy singles awareness day!
by IrishRepublicanArmy February 14, 2004
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