when you are alone without a partner you are not involved with anyone and most of the time you miserable being
question:do you have a girlfriend?
answer:no i'm single
by cutie December 26, 2003

A man who makes jokes about women in the kitchen
Girl: Why did the woman cross the road?
Guy: Who cares, what was she doing out of the kitchen?
Girl: to know you the fuck out and remind you why you are single.
by Panty. January 13, 2012
A man who makes jokes about women in the kitchen.
Boy: Ey girl, what are you doing out of the kitchen?
Girl: STFU asshole!! This is why you are single!
by kurrukukuxi November 05, 2011
to not have any feelings for one specific person; no attachment or commitment to someone else
you can't say that you love someone with all your heart and committed and say you're single at the same time.
by for your convenience September 24, 2011
A choice of lifestyle commonly used as an exuse by a female in order to be free to play with other cocks and not feel guilty about it.
Guy to girl: "Why can't we keep going out? Things were great between us!"
Girl to guy: "I just want to be single for a while to see what it's like."
by Nick Brophy January 05, 2005
(Noun) : A man who makes jokes about woman in the kitchen.
Men: Hey baby, how many man does it take to open a beer?
Woman: One?
Men: Nope, none. It should be open by the time she brings it!
Woman: It does now, you're single :D
by anghac93 September 04, 2012
A male individual who believes a female's occupation is the kitchen
Female: I wish I had a man *sigh*
Mr. Single: Maybe you should get in the kitchen
by heyit'sjaki September 17, 2012
An occasion or event at which good times are had.
Question: "Hey did you have a good time at the gay video dance bar last night?"

Answer: "Yeah it was totally singles...Mike and Steve were up dancing on the bar again."
by Gavin S May 02, 2008
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